Safety With Facial Recognition

Keeping criminals off the streets and our citizens safe

Constantly connected with officers and the community

Quick and easy identification of threats to first responders

Allowing educated decision making in the field

While the trend of police deaths is on the decline, it still remains high with over 75 deaths every year. These deaths didn't come from illnesses but from encounters with criminals. Many of these criminals had records of criminal activity, yet they didn't know how dangerous the individual was. The officers that died could have been saved had they been able to recognize the individual they were encountering. Face the Police is working towards bringing the number of police deaths at the hands of criminals to a minimum with user friendly facial recognition technology for every officer.

About Us

The creaters of our face recongnition and tracking technology, Kevin Wang, Derek Xu, Daniel Ye and Rodolfo Funes, saw how protection for the community can improve. Installing these face tracking/recognition devices on first responders and on venues will minimize the potential damages.

This technology allows for a connection with current police and additional databases, for example mental/pre-existing health concerns, or public safety data. This allows the purpose of this program to be expanded to many types of operations inside and outside the force. Specifically, we feel this type of data can be tightly integrated with police forces to make sure a situation is handled appropriatly (eg. person with psych training assisting someone with mental illness, etc.)

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